This blog calls for the Ontario government and law enforcement to end the ESA's monopoly, cut fees across the board.

Limit its absolute power. Investigate and stop the alleged criminal abuse of that power and self-enrichment.

Expose fundamental flaws that deteriorate safety causing more accidents, fires and fatalities.
It looks like there are grounds to suggest that the preceding and/or the following could be true.

Join class action lawsuit against the Electrical Safety Authority. Or defy and disobey them and the Ontario College of Trades

Unfortunately there is no other way to prove the right is right or wrong is wrong unless we sue the ESA. No petitions, letters to officials or ministers work. They all tell you to take the Electrical Safety Authority to court.

The only other option is way much better and simpler. But requires courage and devotion. It's an organized defiance and/or disobedience. One needs to do nothing - pull no unnecessary permits, pass no unnecessary inspections. It is easy, free, and extremely powerful. It will only work if there are many of us. A thousand or more. Let us know if you are willing to defy and disobey. And if you say yes, you must stay firm no matter what.

Either a class action lawsuit against the Ontario College of Trades and the Electrical Safety Authority or a mass defiance and civil disobedience is the way to go.

A properly and adequately educated, trained, licensed and highly experienced electrician with:
  1. a valid certificate of qualification
  2. a total of seven years of experience (including apprenticeship and two years of hands-on residential experience after getting a license)
  3. and one million liability insurance
must be allowed to work as a self-employed residential electrician or contractor on single family dwellings.

So, do you think the current three mandatory licenses requirement and tens of thousands of dollars in various fees (over the long run) for a self-employed residential electrician is either a scheme, scam, or a criminal conspiracy created by clever bureaucrats in order to legally extort money from the hard working self-employed residential electricians or contractors?

Would a properly and adequately educated, trained, licensed and highly experienced self-employed electrician with one license and paying $100 or $500 in total fees per year do as good and safe residential electrical work in Ontario as another residential electrician with three licenses and paying $1000 or $5000 per year in total fees?

Instead of working hard on creating value for the society, bureaucrats have developed specialized techniques that are extremely effective in legally forcing others to pay them.

Since 2006 Electrical Safety Authority and Ontario College of Trades have introduced new mandatory licenses and jacked up fees by 3000 percent or so. OCOT and ESA have collected tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in unnecessary fees and shall be investigated for a scheme, scam, or a criminal conspiracy.

OCOT and ESA shall annul the unnecessary licenses and roll-back the fees. They shall pay back all the fees illegally collected over the years.

Would you like to defy and disobey or join the class action lawsuit? Then send us a note: Or is paying thousands of dollars for unnecessary licenses plus associated with them hurdles, wasted time, delays and red tape not a big deal to you?

This is how bureaucracy replicates and benefits itself at the expense of the public in any country or sector. A classic conspiracy example:
  • there is a small group of clever affluent professional bureaucrats with criminal intentions
  • they invent a grand cause or appealing goal
  • present it to friends in the government
  • a campaign and lobbying begins promoting the noble cause and its obvious merits. Safety is priceless, only a mad man could be against it
  • the government accepts the grand idea with its huge benefits and makes it a law
  • our happy bureaucrats, who have now become executives of the new regulating monopoly, create bylaws. They give themselves virtually unlimited power and finally introduce mandatory fees, fines and penalties, fulfilling the real purpose for which it was launched
  • high, ever increasing salaries, wages, bonuses, pensions, post-employment benefits, multiple allowances, and various reimbursements is their prize for many years to come. Well worth all the efforts!
  • people now have no choice but to pay
  • as to the safety, it is not clear whether it improved or deteriorated. But who cares ...

Is it possible to improve public safety without paying tens of millions of dollars to unnecessarily high salaries of the unnecessary executives collected from the unreasonably high fees for the often unnecessary inspections and fines? Yes, it is not only possible. It is a must!

We badly need fighters, supporters, feedback, ideas. Please help us with a good style writing, editing, and improving this resource.

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  1. Lets just start by saying that our company is licensed and insured follows all the rules. I was recently told by a local inspector in Sault Ste. Marie that anytime you break copper a permit is needed. I explained in front of the customer (Canadian Tire Owner) that there has to be some judgement and common sense on some of these money grab rules. For instance if I was called to Canadian Tire to check out a fluorescent light not working and I removed the 69 cent switch to check for continuity and found it to be ok, same switch was re-installed. this would require a permit. I told the inspector in front of customer that this is ridiculous, and that the inspection fee would be more than the service call. We only removed the switch to check it then re-installed NOT replaced so there should be no permit. Its this kind of extortion that is why I am totally fed up with ESA. They stopped being a safety organization a long time ago. Now they are a money billing machine. They take no responsibility or liability, they come to inspect a job for total of 3 minutes on a good day and walk away with hundreds of our hard earned dollars. It has to stop.

    S. Wood
    Master Electrician

  2. Scott, so sorry for placing your comment with such a delay.

    Yes, the Electrical Safety Authority is a money billing machine. Yes, they abuse their power and extortion is what they really do now.

    You said "It has to stop". It will not until you and I stop them.

    Email us @ if you are willing to REALLY FIGHT THEM and STOP THE EXTORTION


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