This blog calls for the Ontario government and law enforcement to end the ESA's monopoly, cut fees across the board.

Limit its absolute power. Investigate and stop the alleged criminal abuse of that power and self-enrichment.

Expose fundamental flaws that deteriorate safety causing more accidents, fires and fatalities.
It looks like there are grounds to suggest that the preceding and/or the following could be true.

Low paid licensed electricians, electrical contractors forced to pay high salaries of ESA employees

In 2013 or one year later the same position paid 3% or so more money:
As an Electrical Inspector with the Electrical Safety Authority you receive...

1 Salary beginning at $42.12 per hour increasing to $48.25 after 3 years, based on a 40-hour work week; overtime rates are paid for work beyond 40 hours
2 Nearly 4 weeks paid vacation to start, increasing to 5 weeks after 3 years
3 Paid statutory holidays
4 Company vehicle
5 Membership in the ESA defined-benefit Pension Plan
6 Comprehensive health & dental benefits coverage including prescription drugs & eyeglasses
7 Monthly Working Remote allowance
8 Annual ESA clothing allowance
9 Reimbursement for safety boots
10 Reimbursement for daily lunch meals
11 Reimbursement for tuition of work-related training courses
12 3-month inspector training program
13 Confidential Employee Assistance Program
14 Opportunity for career advancement

Assuming a similar annual rate hikes, inspector's salary in 2016 should begin at $47 per hour or so.

$47 per hour X 40 hrs a week X 52 weeks = $97,760 or so should be the expected beginning annual salary in 2016. Plus 14 preceding points on top.

With payments for overtime, free notebook, phone, software, hardware, travel, parking, and all other allowances, benefits and reimbursements listed and not listed above, an entry inspector's 2015 total aggregate value of income could be up to $138K !

We, small business owners never get the 14 points for free. Instead we have paid or continuously pay out of our pockets for:

Master electrician's course, training and exam
Other tuition of work-related training courses
The Canadian Electrical Code book
Pay for master electrician's license annually and continuously
Electrical contractor's license annually and continuously
OCOT license annually and continuously (another parasite)
Liability insurance annually and continuously
Purchasing a work vehicle
Work vehicle gas, maintenance and repairs continuously
Vehicle insurance annually and continuously
WSIB monthly and continuously
Clothing continuously
Safety boots continuously
Daily lunch meals continuously
Materials & supplies
Pay for tools continuously
Parking fees and tickets continuously
Commercial unit, shop and/or storage rent continuously
ESA inspection fees continuously for every job
Marketing advertising and promotion continuously

In most cases we, sole proprietors get and small business owners nothing for statutory holidays, overtime, estimates, for finding, shopping, we get nothing for purchasing and delivering materials & supplies.

Instead we pay inspectors for every minute of their work and for every minute of overtime. Pay no matter we want to or NOT!

Electricians are forced to pay ESA even for things that we, small LECs, cannot afford to pay to ourselves!

And sometimes customers do not pay us in full or at all. Rarely but it happens to electrical contractors.

Well, the ESA has arranged everything to make sure that it never happens to them. Such a profoundly clever arrangements/regulations to make contractors pay the ESA inspection fees even if customers refused to! Do you think such regulation is a creation of a genius? Of a crook? Or of a genius crook?

While paying for our own expenses, we also pay ESA for all their employee expenses, reimbursements allowances and benefits! Despite the fact that ESA employee's income is much higher than ours!

We, small electrical contractors pay, pay, pay.
And they, ESA employees get, get, get!

Is it a worst kind of crime committed purposely, where ESA perpetrators act with impunity under the laws that ESA has itself created for this very purpose to get, get, get?

Today inspector's total net income is two or more fold greater than total net income of an average self-employed residential electrician.

Why should the vast majority of self-employed residential LECs, whose net income is much lower, pay huge salaries to inspectors and other ESA employees?

Why don't we level the playing field making inspector's total income at just 20% or so higher to commensurate with their experience, skills and responsibilities? This income must include all inspector's allowances, benefits, reimbursements, paid vacation and holidays coverage, overtime, company vehicle and all other payments, compensations, etc. for which a LEC is expected to pay out of his pocket.

Why don't we make the low-income self-employed residential electricians and small contractors pay proportionally lower ESA licensing and other fees?

Why does the ESA make us pay their employees for things that we, small LECs, cannot afford to pay to ourselves?

Why is the money taken from the lower income people? Whi is it paid to the high income ESA employees? Why don't we have a say in this?

Why do we have to pay for all our own expenses plus for all expenses of ESA employees?

Does the ESA abuse its power by ordering us to pay so much? Is it an offence or a crime? Why are the law, courts and enforcement acting against us, protecting the ESA?

Ask the ESA these or any other questions via email

Ask your MPP.

Email the Mister directly Ms. Tracy MacCharles. Or visit web site of the Minister of Government and Consumer Services, which is accountable for the ESA activities.

Or do you have your own story of abuse, neglect, unfair treatment, overcharge, etc. to share publicly? Join us in a class action if you think they are parasites and sue them together with us!

When a bunch of abused folks speaks out, nothing happens.

If there are hundred or thousand of us, we will prevail and restore the justice, common sense, and fairness!

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ESA will never give up high salaries and huge benefits untill we refuse to be their cash cows. They will milk us all to death if YOU & I don't fight them in court. So how committed are you to winning?

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