This blog calls for the Ontario government and law enforcement to end the ESA's monopoly, cut fees across the board.

Limit its absolute power. Investigate and stop the alleged criminal abuse of that power and self-enrichment.

Expose fundamental flaws that deteriorate safety causing more accidents, fires and fatalities.
It looks like there are grounds to suggest that the preceding and/or the following could be true.

One license for self-employed residential electricians is enough. OCOT, ESA cut the number of licenses and fees

Do you think Electrical Safety Authority and Ontario College of Trades overcharge and abuse self-employed residential electricians? Do you think ESA and OCOT must cut the number of mandatory licenses from three to one and stop charging the unnecessary licensing fees.

YOU and I shall push the ESA to allow licensed electricians with a single license and seven or eight years of hands-on experience (including apprenticeship) to do residential electrical work. NO one will push the ESA and OCOT but us.

The Electrical Safety Authority and the Ontario College of Trades must get together, eliminate redundancy, agree on one license issued once for life.

We need only one regulator for all electrical workers. Two of them is one too many.

A new leadership and executives are needed to transform things from two dysfunctional sucking black holes into one efficient operational and useful for the society organization.

The new entity shall drastically reduce the licensing fee to say $50 a year, free of any repeated charges or fees whatsoever.

There is no actual or real need to charge $765 or so in total annual licensing fees, except for paying bureaucrats' high salaries for their parasitic work of creating paperwork, hurdles, delays and red tape.

Will an average residential electrician become a worse one if he paid $50 in total licensing fees instead of $765? The answer is no, of course not.

High school, college and university graduates do not pay any diploma annual fees. They are not doing better or worse because of that. And nothing bad will happen to electricians if they stop paying "the annual feudal dues for the right to work".

It's time to shift that feudal paradigm. If I have a license or CQ, I have the right to work. And I have the right to be self-employed. Period.

ESA, go ahead and prove otherwise. Inspect my work. And make me pay a reasonable amount for that. And while my experience grows, quality of work improves and while mistakes or errors decrease, inspect my work less and less frequently. But charge and fine me more and more for the deficiencies found.

ESA parasitic bureaucrats, start doing your work, start thinking, improving, cutting waste. Start being creative, efficient, fair, honest, decent and useful for the society.

AGAIN. The ESA should drastically reduce fees and other requirements for self-employed home and condo repair and renovation electricians.

These are simple ways it can be done:

1 Just allow licensed self-employed electricians to do residential electrical work without master electrician and contractor licenses and fees.
2 Issue lower category master electrician and contractor non-commercial licenses without additional exams and fees.

A self-employed residential electrician should meet only two more conditions. Must have :
a) two or three years of hands-on residential experience after getting a license and
b) one million liability insurance.

There is no need for a home repair and renovation electrician to pass master's exam on high voltage stations, airport installations, construction cranes and 80% of other stuff required today. There is no logic, no benefit, no need, and no advantage to anybody or to anything in this. It's a waste with a huge price tag for residential electricians. And a significant source of illegal in nature but legalized source of remuneration for ESA executives!

It looks like there are grounds to suggest that:

1) Only the highly paid ESA staff benefit from collecting the unnecessary licensing fees, needless inspection charges and pointless exam fees. It is against logic and common sense. It is a parasitic abuse of power, an offence, or a crime.

2) The whole notion of mandatory master electrician and contractor licenses for the small self-employed house already licenses electricians is a complete nonsense and waste.

Licensed electricians with a single license have been delivering high quality residential wiring 10 years ago, and 20 years ago, and 60 years ago. Safety statistics show no evidence that residential injuries or fires have noticeably decreased explicitly because master electrician and contractor licenses became mandatory in 2006.

3) The introduction of the new licenses and fees was just another grab of money under the pretense of increasing the public safety. The purpose was grand and appealing. The only problem, the public was already safe. And millions of dollars that ESA collected from self-employed residential electricians since 2006 have not made homes much safer specifically due to two more mandatory licenses. But it obviously made the ESA staff richer by paying themselves tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in higher salaries, benefits, and bonuses.

4) ESA shall refund all the unnecessary fees that residential master electricians and contractors paid since 2006.

5) Do you think ESA abuses its power by introducing unnecessary charges, fees, hurdles, delays and red tape? Do you think ESA hurts and wastes time of the small electrical contractors and overcharges them? Do you think that eventually it is the general public which ends up paying ESA's higher wages, allowances and pensions?

In order to work as a self-employed residential electrician, one must now obtain 3 licenses and pay or rather earn tens of thousands of dollars less over 7 or more years just for the right to start working as a mundane self-employed house electrician.

And then ... ESA allows clueless homeowners to do the identical electrical work without a single license and without a single hour of experience!

Crazy? Not at all.

It is a well organized and thoroughly thought out strategy of self-enrichment!

Most experienced licensed electricians and Master electricians do good work and pass one inspection. Nothing exciting! So ESA bans them if they are self-employed and pay just one annual licensing fee to OCOT, another licensing fee to ESA, and one inspection fee per work. Total of three fees is not enough for our executives' pay packages. Get and pay for one more license. Until then we ban you.

At the same time, most clueless homeowners do a huge amount of code violations and errors. ESA finds defects over and over again and makes DIY homeowners and occupants pass several inspections, charging them multiple fees. It is a gold mine for the ESA. It is a very exciting and safe bonanza!

Banning licensed highly experienced electricians and allowing clueless people to do the same electrical work defies logic and common sense! So what? The ESA bureaucrats (or criminally organized executives) make good money both ways. They charge electrical workers unnecessary fees for two unnecessary licences, pointless exam fees, and unnecessary inspections. Our self-enriching geniuses also get multiple inspection fees from the clueless homeowners. And finally pay themselves lavish remuneration packages. The ESA has built communism for itself. It is highly beneficial, rewarding, profitable, simple, and extremely exciting creation of the ESA executives. And it is all legal!

The mystery is unraveled!

But does it looks like the ESA executives have conspired, organized, and implemented this allegedly criminal scam?

What if the only real but hidden reason for these crazy irrational things and unnecessary licenses, inspections, and fees is self-enrichment? What if it is an alleged criminal conspiracy by the ESA executives and for the ESA executives to get high salaries, paid overtime, paid vacation, paid statutory holidays, company vehicle, pension plan, post-employment benefits, comprehensive health & dental benefits, coverage including prescription drugs & eyeglasses, multiple allowances, multiple reimbursements, and multiple assistance programs to financially benefit themselves?

ESA shall abandon some licenses. Introduce different levels of master and contractor licenses. Exams of various complexity should correspond with the scope of intended work. Fees should commensurate with levels of license and the work performed.

The unnecessary and ridiculous inspections of one new receptacle installed or three light fixtures added by a licensed electrical contractor who has 7, 15, 20, or more years of experience must end now! All fees shall be slashed drastically as well all ESA staff salaries, benefits, pensions, etc.

And of course, homeowners must be banned from doing any electrical work. No exceptions. No exemptions.

Ask ESA a question:

I am a licensed electrician with a total of 7 years of hands-on residential electrical repair and renovation experience. Now I want to do exactly the same work but for myself, become self-employed. Why do I have to pay feudal dues of thousands of dollars to the Electrical Safety Authority for the right to work as a self-employed repair and renovation electrician in Ontario?

Why do I have to pay thousands of dollars to ESA for the right to work for myself doing exactly same work as I did yesterday as an employee?

Why do I have to pass a master electrician's exam, if I were to work for myself as a residential electrician in Ontario?

Why does exam include high voltage stations and many other similar unrelated topics if I were to work for myself as a self-employed residential electrician?

Why does a licensed self-employed residential electrician in Ontario have to study airport installations and many other similar sections?

Why does exam include construction cranes and many other similar irrelevant chapters if I were to work for myself as a residential self-employed electrician?

Why do I have to: obtain 3 licenses, have 12040 hours or more of hands-on experience, pay (or rather earn less) tens of thousands of dollars over 7 or more years of studying, apprenticeship, exams, etc. for the right to start working as a mundane self-employed house electrician?

And why does a homeowner need: zero licenses, zero hours of any experience, need to pay zero dollars over zero years for the right to do electrical work? Why does a homeowner need to: do zero years of studying, take zero courses, zero apprenticeships, and pass zero exams for the right to do exactly same work?

Ask these questions:
Does the ESA realise how damaging the unnecessary licensing fees, needless inspection charges and pointless exam fees are?

Does the ESA know that such fees defy logic, common sense and could be a parasitic abuse of power?

Do these fees constitute an offence or a crime benefiting only the highly paid ESA staff, their wages, salaries, allowances, pensions and hurting everybody else?

When is the ESA going to pay back all the fees it illegally collected from me over 2 .. 5 .. 11 years?

read more ...

Email ESA these or any other questions

or ask your MPP

or email    to: Honourable David Orazietti. Minister of Government and Consumer Services who is accountable for the ESA activities.

Forward us their replies. We will use them as evidence!

or publicly share your own story of abuse, neglect, unfair treatment, overcharge, crime, etc. Or join us in a class action and sue the ESA if you think they are parasites who possibly committed an offence or a crime.

When a handful of abused folks speak out, nothing happens.

If just 20 or 50 of us start pushing back, we will prevail and restore the justice, common sense and fairness for thousands!

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