This blog calls for the Ontario government and law enforcement to end the ESA's monopoly, cut fees across the board.

Limit its absolute power. Investigate and stop the alleged criminal abuse of that power and self-enrichment.

Expose fundamental flaws that deteriorate safety causing more accidents, fires and fatalities.
It looks like there are grounds to suggest that the preceding and/or the following could be true.

ESA turns aspirations and good intentions into nightmare

This site is about HONOR.

It's about your dream. It's about sacrificing a great deal of time, effort and money to become an electrician. It's about working for yourself, working hard, making a decent living.

It's about seeing a spark of admiration in your wife's eyes when giving her your paycheque. And about your children understanding the values of honest, productive way of life where a person gets rewarded for doing the right things.

You go for it, do your best, you are on the right track and about 8 years later you made the dream come true. You became an electrical contractor!    Your family and friends salute you!

... and this site is about SHAME.

The Electrical Safety Authority is springing up in your way, taking away a large chunk of your hard earned money, crushing all hopes. You are not able to bypass or jump over this self-enriching, shameless, humongous, vicious, powerful and abusive monster!

You realize that to work as a small self-employed residential electrical contractor you have only one choice: break the law and accept the risks.

You have to do small jobs without permits and without mandatory inspections.

The ESA makes you an outlaw. And they do it on purpose. To gain even more power over you and fine you to the bone when they catch you. So that you become silent, obedient, fearful and manageable in order to continue working.


Because after paying you $100 or $180 for a one hour long job, most homeowners can not afford or refuse to pay another $79 + HST fee for a three to ten minute long ESA inspection. The total of $190 or more is just too much for a light fixture or switch new installation. It's too much and too expensive. Period.

This simple example shows how unrealistically high and damaging the ESA home inspection fees really are. They have driven 80% or more of small and mid-size residential electrical work underground.

When 80% of house and condo occupants refuse to pay the $89 (with HST) or higher ESA inspection fee, electrical contractor has no choice but to skip the inspection or reject the job. If the latter is the case, then a clueless homeowner or handyman will do it anyway, but without any knowledge, without any experience and without inspection. And quite possibly create an unsafe condition...

And you, Mr. Contractor..., you will earn nothing and quit working for yourself.

Many, if not all, small self-employed residential electrical contractors get caught in the vicious ESA trap, forced to compromise dignity and honesty and skip mandatory inspections simply because they have to feed families

And because they get no jobs if they try to charge the mandatory $89 inspection fee for a rudimentary new installation or repair.

It bothers and eats you up inside, even more so because most of such inspection are absolutely unnecessary. And now you lower eyes when giving that paycheque to your wife!

But this site is mainly about fighting for your DIGNITY.
It is for strong & proud men who could rise against the mighty ESA.
For women who accept the risk and support their men.
For those who value self respect and honor.
For those who refuse to be abused.
For those who can say NO.

Customers are also fed up with these three lousy options available to them today:
- pay a reasonable amount to a licensed contractor but skip inspection and put him at risk.
- jeopardize safety and do it yourself or pay less to a handyman.
- pay an arm and a leg to the ESA.


We, all Ontarians need another option. We want a licensed electrician to do a safe job, pass the inspection if necessary and pay a reasonable amount of money!

Does ESA consists ONLY of great people with pure intentions or mostly of criminal minds?
Do you think there are more great people with pure intentions or greedy parasites?
Does the Electrical Safety Authority overcharge us robing our children?
Does it make Ontario public and homes safer or more dangerous?
Do you think the above post is true, false, half and half?
Do you think the site info is true, false, or 50/50?

Ask why? Send the ESA any questions via email

Ask your MPP.

Email the Mister directly Ms. Tracy MacCharles. Or visit web site of the Minister of Government and Consumer Services, which is accountable for the ESA activities.

Or do you have your own story of abuse, neglect, unfair treatment, overcharge, etc. to share publicly? Join us in a class action if you think they are parasites and sue them together with us!

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ESA will never give up high salaries and huge benefits untill we refuse to be their cash cows. They will milk us all to death if YOU & I don't fight them in court. So how committed are you to winning?

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